5 Tips to More Downloads

You've just got set up on COZ App and the next step is to get as many people using it as possible, follow these 5 easy steps. 

The Top 16%

Discusses the trends that make some clubs successful.

Club Fundraising

Fundraising is an important component for most clubs to support operational activities. We discuss the basics.

A Solution For Small Business

COZ App businesses that would like to engage an easy e-commerce solution can sign up for Do Delivery, an Australian company which helps provide a ready made e-commerce solution. Read on for more info.

5 Tips To Strong Mental Health

Now more than ever, it's important to focus on our mental health. Here are my Top 5 areas to get right to survive Corona Virus and thrive. 

Growing Sponsorship is Really Easy

A lot of us think Sponsorship is hard. I'll lay out a new approach which will help your club partner with local business so that you can turn them into another loyal partner. 

The Road to Nowhere – Inefficiencies of Committees

Having worked in sport and recreation for over 10 years, I've shared some of my thoughts around how to get your committee reaching its full potential. 

How Will Corona Virus Effect Sponsorship?

In light of the troubling events taking place in our country and around the world, what will be the flow on of struggling small businesses to grassroots sports? 

Choosing the right COZ Offer for your Business.

A quick article on helping small businesses choose the right offer for their business to get the most out of their COZ App experience.

Why Businesses Sponsor Grass Roots

When you consider why a business sponsors a community group (such as a primary school or a sporting club), there can really only be four reasons.

Trends in Sponsorship

In the past few years, there has been a trend by larger companies to shift their sponsorship money away from grassroots organisations towards larger elite clubs or to other forms of marketing.

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